Medicinal Cannabis

Can medical cannabis improve quality of life?


Alternative therapies, such as Medicinal Cannabis, may be considered after all traditional medications have been tried and are not successful in the treatment of your condition.

Dr Raya Grishina-Gunn has participated in the QUEST study investigating the quality of life and health economic impact of medicinal cannabis on patients with chronic disease.

What conditions are being approved for treatment with medicinal cannabis?

Over 215 conditions have been approved by the TGA to use medicinal cannabis as a treatment.

(Source: TGA SAS B Scheme, Freedom of Information, disclosure – FOI 2275, published 1 April 2021 Special Access Scheme Category B pathway specific to medicinal cannabis products during the period 1/11/2016 to 1/03/2021


The most common condition medicinal cannabis is prescribed for is chronic pain (which covers many conditions including neck/back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines).  Other conditions the TGA has approved its use include cancer-related pain and/or nausea, neuropathic pain, endometriosis, sleep disorders, anxiety, PTSD, depression, MS, epilepsy, MND, autism, IBS/ IBD/ Crohn’s, Parkinson’s to name some of the more commonly prescribed conditions.

What is the next step?

Medicinal cannabis can only be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.

Before prescribing medicinal cannabis, the doctor will assess each patient to decide if the treatment is appropriate for their condition and individual circumstances. The doctor will take a medical history and a family health history. The doctor will also consider the patient’s current medications and any problems with drug dependence and substance abuse.

Please note: there is no set list of eligible health conditions that can be considered for this study. A doctor and the relevant health authorities need to approve its use for the patient considering individual circumstances and if there is evidence or research showing therapeutic benefit from the use of medical cannabis in patients with a similar medical condition.  A doctor can prescribe medicinal cannabis only after established treatments have been trialled and or have been unsuccessful, with the exception of palliative care.  

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