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Our Practice is committed to provide the highest possible standard of care in all aspect of health in the community.
Practice owner Dr Kumar has been serving the Central Coast Community for last 15 yrs and has a highly motivated team of doctors , Nurses and Staff.

Pen CS Awards Finalist Certificate

Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year Award

This award recognises an organisation who has demonstrated data-driven quality improvement initiatives to improve clinical outcomes in their general practice.

Our commitment to you

We are committed to our patients in treating the “whole” person, we take a holistic approach in the treatment, prevention and reversal of diseases caused by lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, physical inactivity, social isolation, and chronic stress.

We are committed to providing the best quality of care possible, we are accredited with the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL), so you can be sure our Clinical staff perform to the highest level.

We are committed to welcome every individual to our Practice, no matter what situation or background, is considered equal in value and worthy of our best medical attention, we treat everyone as our family.

Mentoring our new generation of GP’s

We are very proud to be an accredited training practice who is committed to training Registrars and providing practical experience to Medical Students, our next generation of General Practioner’s. We share our knowledge and experience to train the new generation of GP’s, to ensure that exceptional GP’s continue to work and help others into the future. Dr Raya Grishina-Gunn is our accredited Supervisor, who educates and mentors all our medical student placements.

Joseph - a Year 3 Medical Student Placement

Darvesh Singh MAAN – Year 5 Medical Student

Sarah MAGUIRE - Year 3 Medical Student

Naleesha – a Year 3 Medical Student Placement

Prad - Year 5 Medical Student placement

Mehreen – Year 3 Medical Student placement

Dom - Completed his Year 3 Medical Student Placement

Lola LACHMUND – Year 5 Medical Student

Darcy McNAUGHTON – Year 5 Medical Student


Dr Haisley Formosa – GPT1/2 Registrar

I completed my GPT1 and GPT2 placements of General Practice training at Complete Health at Crossways in 2022. I had an excellent time working at the practice and was well-supported by all the staff throughout my time there. Dr Raya was able to teach me some more advanced skin procedures and also solidify my knowledge of skin cancer medicine. I would recommend Complete Health at Crossways for any registrar who wants to build on their general practice or skin cancer skills at a boutique practice in a great location! 

Dr Bentley Logan

I commenced General Practice training at Complete Health at Crossways, and it has been an immensely fulfilling experience. The diverse case mix and complexity of clinical presentations provided invaluable learning opportunities. Working with the exceptional team at Complete Health, I witnessed a collaborative approach to patient care that enhanced my skills and knowledge. During this time I was a committee member with GP Synergy on the Wellbeing Working Group to prioritise primary prevention of doctors’ health and wellbeing. The committee endorsed the implementation of a supportive environment for General Practice. Complete Health at Crossways provided flexibility in working arrangements allowing for a healthy work-life balance and ability to focus on developing skills in diving medicine in clinical practice. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Complete Health at Crossways and would return for further work with this remarkable team led by Dr Raya Grishina-Gunn. The experience has left a lasting mark on my medical career, and I am excited to continue contributing to General Practice alongside such dedicated professionals at Complete Health at Crossways.

Dr Daniel Mastroianni – GPT1 Registrar

Dr Raya Grishina-Gunn and her entire team at Complete Health at Crossways have gotten me off to a flying start in General Practice training. I completed GPT1 with this incredible group and have found the work has been varied, interesting and exceptionally rewarding. Under the guidance of Dr Raya I have picked up many skills that I will surely utilise throughout my future career. The flexibility to train full time within the hours of a 4 day week has allowed me to strike a great work-life balance. It was great getting the chance to practice holistic and preventative medicine, which is a great focus of this practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Complete Health at Crossways and would highly recommend this GP placement to any prospective GP registrars.

Mehreen – Medical Student

During my five-week Medical Student placement at Complete Health at Crossways, I was impressed by all the General Practitioners in this clinic. They are skilfull in diagnosing and treating conditions as well as their commitment to addressing lifestyle adjustments. This holistic approach underlines the importance of considering both medical and lifestyle factors for comprehensive patient care. I was given the opportunity to have many of my queries answered! I would definitely recommend this clinic !


Darcy McNAUGHTON – Year 5 Medical Student

I recently completed a five-week General Practice placement at Complete Health. Everyone from the reception staff to the nurses has been incredibly welcoming at Complete Health.

The teaching and hands-on experience here has been invaluable to my future practice. The doctors are a wealth of knowledge and have gladly shared their expertise with me throughout my time.

Complete Health at Crossways has a wide variety of patients and presentations which means no day is ever the same. I’m grateful for my time at Complete Health and the five-week placement was over too soon.

General Practice Accreditation

Complete Health at Crossways is accredited with the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL). This means we are audited every 3 years to ensure we comply with all standards required of GP’s; so you can be sure our doctors perform to the highest level.


Complete Health at Crossways values your privacy and confidentiality, and we will never discuss your medical history with a third party without your permission. We have procedures in place to protect your privacy, and all our electronic information is encrypted for the highest level of security.


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