Our aim is to strengthen the health and wellbeing of residents in nursing homes and independent living facilities.

Australia provides institutional long-term care for almost 20% of the population aged 80 years and over, and 6% of those aged 65 years and over.

What is our Aged Care program?

Complete Health at Crossways is delighted to have been nominated by the Primary Care Improvements team and won the “Patient’s First category in the Primary Care Quality and Innovation Awards.    Upon commencement at Complete Health at Crossways in Terrigal, Dr Raya Grishina-Gunn identified a need in the local community for better outcomes for our more vulnerable patients and members of the community.   In 2018, she employed a full time Aged Care Co-Ordinator to facilitate the Aged Care Service, to enable a streamlined service to patients within Residential Aged Care Facilities and those people isolated within the community.

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to strengthen the health and wellbeing of residents living in Aged Care facilities.  Our Aged Care Co-Ordinator is the primary liaison fostering strong professional relationships between the patient and GP, and better teamwork with the facility staff, their family or support networks, Pharmacies, Allied health services and other relevant service providers to meet the needs of the patients.  The strong relationships the Co-Ordinator has established with patients and all stakeholders, has enabled better engagement strategies to support best practice outcomes for the patients, the Aged Care Facilities, our Practice, and the general community.

Health Assessments are performed in the Aged Care facility annually with regular reviews for each patient with a GP from Complete Health at Crossways.  The Aged Care Co-Ordinator manages all appointments, meetings, conferences and all administration requirements of the program, which allows the GP to provide professional medical services to each patient.  Ongoing support is provided in the co-ordination and follow up to ensure that blood tests have been completed, organising medications where required, assisting with transport arrangements for patients to visit specialist services as well as other patient needs.  The integrated care helps provides seamless care for these patients, helping them understand and care for their own health and support them as partners in a better health system. 

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