Crossways Challenge

Feel good and look better…

Dr Raya and the team are committed to support you to take control of your health, well-being and lifestyle, now and into the future

Next Program starts:  Thursday 20 October at 7pm or Friday 21 October at 9am

Do you want to lose weight? Increase energy? Improve your skin? Feel healthier?

Join Dr Raya Grishina-Gunn in her group Medical Program the Crossways Challenge.

What is the Crossways Challenge?

The Crossways Challenge is a 6-week program with Dr Raya and a small group in a Shared Medical Appointment.   Dr Raya will share healthy lifestyle information on different topics with the group each week with Questions & Answers at the end of each session.  There will be weigh ins and other individual observations conducted by Dr Raya and the Practice Nurse throughout the Program. 

Each group is limited to 12 people so book in now. 

What are the benefits of Shared Medical Appointments?

There are many benefits to these small group programs including: 

  • Extra time with Dr Raya and more relaxed pace of care 
  • Emotional support, feedback and understanding from patients with similar conditions
  • Answers to questions that you may not have even thought of (because others in the group ask) 
  • More extensive medical and educational inputs
  • Greater self-management education and attention to psychosocial issues 
  • Opportunity to connect and socialise with others who are looking to improve their health and well-being

The Crossways Challenge is designed to improve patient health and well-being while enjoying the experience of being part of the group.  

Preventative Health 

All General Practice patients at Complete Health at Crossways are included in our Preventative Health program.  So, during the Crossways Challenge it is recommended that participants arrange a full physical health examination and bloods with Dr Raya.   This will allow Dr Raya to meet the needs of all participants throughout the Program with consideration to any personal underlying health conditions.  


What is lifestyle medicine?

Dr Raya is an accredited Lifestyle Medicine GP and will share her knowledge and research in this area. Lifestyle Medicine is transforming the way we manage, treat and prevent chronic conditions by addressing behavioural, social and environmental drivers; the modifiable aspects of the whole person (physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual), health behaviours, environment, and other circumstances. Lifestyle Medicine is also often described in terms of its ‘6 Pillars’: diet/nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation/alcohol harm reduction, sleep, stress, and of course social connection.  

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